Samsung delivered unprotected 100 million smartphones

Samsung’s phone security is famous worldwide. Still, the company delivered millions of smartphones that were having some security issues and surprisingly the problem was not even detected during internal analysis.

Researchers unveiled this shocking news about which people are unaware if it’s a mistake or the company did this purposely. Without any doubt, it is a big flaw and people who are going to receive the smartphones do not have any clue about the problem. They are going to buy such defective mobile phones without even realizing the issue.

Tel Aviv University experts discovered issues in one of the most popular Samsung’s smartphones namely Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, and S21 devices. They detected cryptographic keys in the mobile storage coming from ARM's TrustZone framework, which SamMobile originally discovered.

Due to such problems, it becomes easier for hackers and scammers to get access to encrypted data and knowing that the phone is not secure they will plan something even more bad for the phone owner.

It seems like Samsung's tight security might be reliable on paper only. Samsung promises to protect the smartphones with an additional pattern that surrounds a TrustZone Operating System or TZOS. This works with the Android operating system and performs the function of encryption.

This much security should be sufficient for Android devices, then what went wrong with the smartphone’s security? The issue lies in the way TZOS was performing its cryptographic services as it was connected with an unreliable link in the protection program. It provided hackers with a viable path to the smartphone's most sensitive data.

Israeli workers suggested that the major emphasis is being given on the millions of smartphones delivered with the security problem whereas, the actual point to be highlighted is the distribution of security code for phone’s protection. Fortunately, Samsung was made aware of the problems and issued a series of updates in August and October 2021. This works as a way to remind users if they are still clueless about the updates and haven’t upgraded their phones.

Samsung started distributing new updates in late February 2022 and Galaxy note20 and A50s were the first few devices to get upgraded. As per XDA Developers, Samsung also updated other devices with the latest upgrade in the past few weeks.

Galaxy S series received the security fixes first followed by S10 and S10 Lite. Other than that, the Galaxy Z series phones also get UI 4 updates which is the latest update so far.

H/T: SM.

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