Meta to expand its 3D Avatars to Instagram, Messenger and more

Meta has been trying its best to change its fortune. The company has been working with full force to come up with new features and updates that would make people more attracted towards the company.

We all know that Meta is currently developing its ‘next big thing’ which is called the “Metaverse”. Metaverse is an online virtual space where people can connect and enjoy with their friends and family. The concept is pretty much like what we saw in the movie “Ready Player One”.

Since the transition of Facebook to “Meta”, the company has been receiving criticism as they are changing the names of products and are sort of revamping everything. Recently, the company decided to change the name of one of their headsets to Meta Quest and people did not like that.

Recently, Meta announced that they are going to come up with a new feature which is kind of similar to Snapchat Bitmoji. Yes, the company is planning on creating 3D avatars for users so that they can use them and put them on their profiles.

Users will be able to select from a variety of features and expressions so that they can create an identical version of themselves. They can even use these avatars in their DM’s and can also be used as stickers.

This feature will reveal different kinds of people that live in the world. This feature won’t just be limited for users to use on Facebook, but they can even use these Avatars on Instagram and of course on Metaverse.

Talking in context of Metaverse, the avatars that users will create of themselves will be visible to other users on the app. Meta explained that these avatars can be used as profile pictures, stickers and much more.

If you already have created an avatar on Facebook a while ago, the company will just enhance your avatar so that it has a more presentable look than what it had before.

You can also create three different kinds of Avatars for 3 different platforms. You can create one avatar for Facebook and Messenger; you can create one for Instagram and one for the most awaited “Metaverse”. You can even sync your avatars so that you can use the same avatar on all of these platforms. You can enable the option by going to the Accounts Center and selecting the “Sync Avatar” option.

With Metaverse coming out really soon, we feel that this is a timely update as users will be able to develop a better understanding of the 3D avatars feature so that they can use it easily once Metaverse goes live.

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