The Metaverse Earned Facebook $2.7 Billion a Year According to the Estimates

Facebook’s rebranding as Meta was something that took a lot of people by surprise, especially given the speed at which the platform changed what it was all about. The rebranding also resulted in the creation of a new business that came under the Meta umbrella, namely Reality Labs. This branch of Meta focused mostly on VR and AR tech as well as the software that would go with the headsets that people would use to immerse themselves in various types of virtual worlds.

As per BI report, Meta may have earned $3 billion (or $2.7 billion to be exact) from its various metaverse related products so far, all of which is coming from Reality Labs specifically. This is 50% higher than what the company earned in 2020. What’s more is that various VR headsets offered by the company sold more than expected over the holiday season which might make the actual results higher than the estimates have currently managed to predict.

Meta has not released any actual figures, officially, so all of this is just educated guesswork. That said, these estimates are going to be more or less accurate since they are based on actual trends that have been noted in the industry in general. Even though a lot of people are confused about the brand name change as well as what the product actually entails, they seem to be interested in metaverse related products and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming years.

H/T: Insider

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