Pinterest’s AR feature will now be including furniture and home décor

Pinterest is a really great platform for users to explore and find new products, inspirations and ideas. The website has everything in it, from pictures to links and many more. Users can hop onto the social network and search for their favorite pictures or products. They can even save the content (AKA Pins) for later so that they can use it as a reference.

The website has been up and running for about 12 years now. We’ve seen Pinterest make huge strides in the market as they have never failed their users. They have always managed to come up with new features and they always have the latest content on the platform, which is why they manage to generate a lot of traffic for them as well as publishers.

We all know that this age is being called the “Tech Era”. The reason behind it is that many new technologies are expected to come out within a couple of years which would change the whole course of how we look at the world. Because of that, many companies and apps have started their transition towards the AR (Augmented Reality) glasses and features which would allow them to keep up with market trends. Pinterest is planning on doing the same thing.

Pinterest has been working on their AR technology for a while now. The company knows the significance of having AR features as everything seems to be shifting towards online and virtual shopping methods instead of the old conventional ones. Their latest AR feature will now include Home décor and Furniture. This will allow users to virtually place products in their living rooms to have a better understanding about how things would look like in reality.

The main reason behind this feature is pretty simple; the company aims to convert their window shoppers into actual customers which if you ask us is a really great initiative.

Jeremy King, SVP of Engineering at Pinterest said that,” Since the start of the pandemic, we experienced a huge increase in online shoppers. These tech savvy shoppers want features that allow them to try out products before buying them, which provides them with a sense of satisfaction and helps them in making decisions. Keeping all of this in mind, we came up with “AR try on” which is a virtual place for users where they can try out things before buying it.”

The company already had a feature which allowed users to try on shades of lipsticks so that they can buy that shade which they feel is best suitable for them. The company has experience when it comes to features involving faces and this will be their first time working with actual living rooms and furniture.

At the moment, this AR shopping feature is only available in the U.S but the company is planning on rolling out the feature for everyone all around the world. We don’t have an exact date, but once the company thinks that they are equipped enough to make it global, they won’t hold back.

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