LinkedIn’s new updates include new analytic cards and a rumored laughing emoji

Launched in 2002 LinkedIn is used by business people and employees for the advertisement of their businesses and for finding and scouting for jobs. The app soon gained popularity after its release.

The social media app is now looking for ways to provide a new perception into the analytics of a user’s post that they have uploaded using the new analytic cards which we are going to talk about today.

LinkedIn released these cards so that users could track the progress of their post and the reactions that they get. Those cards are the things that will show the user, who saw their posts by filtering them by their job title, location and more.

The company believes that there is the importance of understanding what content is on their website and what their users are uploading on that website as told by an executive from the social media company. He also said that the team has been working very hard to provide the users with new analytics and new ways to track their posts and be aware of who sees that specific post.

This can be something good because if the user has a specific audience in mind they can check if it is reaching them and also make sure what people their posts are being shown to. This could mean that if the user knows who sees their posts they can re-establish their business strategy accordingly.

In the update report the executive also outlined the take of LinkedIn on the more newer trends like NFTs which could possibly gain a place on the business orientated app which could prove helpful for artists on the app.

He said that when the company thinks of introducing something new they always turn first to what their users or customers need and what they are demanding. Secondly the team looks at how they can better balance advanced ideas and tech so that those needs of the users can be met in the best way possible for them.

Since very innovative topics like Metaverse, Crypto NFTs etc. are discussed frequently on the social media app the company looks out for ways to improve the experience of the users and the business people.

Now to our second topic: A new reaction emoji is coming. As per the executive the thing they got the most requests for is you guessed it, a laughing emoji. As of now there are only five emojis for the users to react with.

The first update holds the potential to become a helper for the people on the app and the second will definitely bring a little bit of humor to the mostly serious app.

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