Instagram might have crossed the 2 billion monthly active users mark but still won’t confirm

CNBC was recently tipped by an anonymous source currently working at Instagram. According to the source, the Facebook owned social media application has crossed the two billion barrier for monthly online users. Although it seems like a great achievement for Instagram, the platform still has not made any public (official) announcement yet. This could be due to the ongoing hearing session in front of the senate committee based on allegations that the application is responsible for affecting young users on the platform.

The source informed that the two billion count happened a few days before it was announced that Meta is going to be the new name for the social media giant, Facebook. Back in 2018, Instagram made a public announcement when they successfully managed to get past one billion active users. 3 years later, they have now added another 1 billion to the monthly active user count.

The application is currently in a race with the famous short video platform, TikTok. TikTok was able to cross the 1 billion checkpoint 2 months back. While it took so many years for Instagram to cross this number barrier, TikTok managed to achieve this milestone in just 3 years after the platform got itself merged with in order to expand its circle.

Even though Instagram is still way ahead of TikTok, it is still getting a tough time from the short video hosting platform. To make sure that Instagram users stick with the platform, they also started to mimic TikTok like features where the recent release of Instagram Reels is one of the examples.

As per the findings of the study being conducted on how Instagram affected young users, it was discovered that it triggered appearance issues in teenage girls while making it easy for youth to get narcotic drugs. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram has already told that his team is working on new features such as a reminder to take some time off if a user has been scrolling for a long time, another feature will be to let parents monitor their children activity through parental control feature.

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