Google's new feature: Search chips. They are something of the future and mankind's helpers

Google Drive is an application that was released in April 2012. This app allows the user to store files, download them and share them across devices. Those files are stored on Google's servers and cloud.

The tech firm since its launch is always updating and introducing new features. Recently, Google released a new feature in Google Drive which is a filter called search chips. This feature helps you find files in your account quickly and sort through them. It helps you work more swiftly and efficiently while looking for your files. This feature was released as a beta feature back in November of last year but now it is available to all Google workspace users including Business and G Suite Basic users.

The feature lets you break your search results down into people, file type, location, date of modification, shared label and tasks. You can use this feature as you normally would. You first type a keyword into the search bar which will give you six options just below that are drop down menus Location, File Type, People, Last Modified, Title only, and to do. You will then select one of these options to filter your search according to it. You will only see the files that are present in that particular category.

Earlier these filters were hidden from sight in a drop down list on the left of the search bar. Those filters were more limited and did not give that much free rein of choice while searching for a particular file or picture. This choice of placing them underneath the search bar is a smart one as it looks more organized and is easier to use. It also makes it easier to manage the results and organize them correctly.

This feature was added to Gmail last year and it is good to see this feature be carried out to Google Drive as well. The feature is certainly unique and will be very helpful in the future. It will help you find your files and be more efficient for day to day workings.

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