Google’s New Version of Chrome OS Will Be Compatible with Macs and PCs

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but they have still failed to maintain a stronghold in some of the more prominent areas of tech that other companies have succeeded in. The biggest example of this can be seen with their relative lack of a top notch social media platform. While Google does have YouTube and they have incorporated a lot of social media oriented features into that platform, they still don’t have the Facebook rival that they had been hoping to great.

Another area that Google hasn’t really managed to create anything relevant in has to do with operating systems. The tech giant released Chrome OS a while ago, but this operating system was only compatible with Chromebooks and could not be used in any other type of system or device. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the latest version of this OS might start to change all of that.

Google is about to release a new version of Chrome OS that’s called Chrome OS Flex. This operating system can be used on both PCs as well as Macs, and the most relevant aspect of it is that it would be ideal for laptops and computers that are a bit older than average. That means that people with low spec machines could quite easily install this operating system and get more out of their machines than they would have had they been using heavier operating systems like Windows.

There hasn’t really been a big competitor for Windows so far, but this new Chrome OS version could potentially create a bit of strife for Microsoft. The main audience for this operating system appears to be students and people that are working in business, and the lightweight nature of the OS could be something that entices them into trying it out. It will be interesting to see if Google takes things further by creating even more operating systems that could rival Windows and Mac OS because that could change the paradigm that has remained constant so far.

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