Google Messages is planning to provide in-app previews to YouTube URLs

Watching a YouTube video through links has always been a hassle. To go all the way back to YouTube, switching apps takes time. Lately, it’s been easier on WhatsApp to preview a YouTube video when somebody shares a link.

After receiving user's responses, Google Messages decided to look into this matter and make it less of a problem. A future update will enable users to watch YouTube videos without needing to leave the app.

A few months back, during Samsung Galaxy S22 launch events, the company hinted about the arrival of a new feature related to Google messages that is going to be a major hit. This feature is now available only on the new model of Samsung and soon it will launch for other phones as well.

The feature is now scheduled to release soon and users will be able to see previews of YouTube videos sent in a Google messages app. Now it’ll be hassle free for the users to watch YouTube videos without going back to YouTube. On tapping the video, it will open in a short window on top of the screen and to view in full screen a user has to select the wide bar option. All the playback settings will also be provided just how these settings are available on YouTube.

Though this is a useful function, it is actually available in Apple's Messages app. This upgrade will make messaging on an Android phone more similar to messaging on an iPhone.

YouTube previews are now displayed in the same way as many other links. The link contains an image and a title of the video. Obviously, it is unusual for Google to improve other platforms’ services but only its own services. Now it’s time to wait till any other company comes up with a similar approach.

However, if the feature is used excessively, then the ease will be considered a disadvantage instead of an advantage.

Other than that, the company is also researching and working to introduce message reactions for Android operating systems. It would definitely eliminate the need to separately text a message including different emoticons.

On the other hand, Group YouTube viewing is another feature that Google is working on. In this feature, users talking on a Duo video call can share and watch the YouTube video together without canceling the call.

The announcements coincided with the release of Samsung's Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Tab S8.

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