Laughing Emoji Have Once Again Become The Most Used Emoji On Twitter

Emojipedia analysis of nearly 2.16 billion tweets showed that the laughing tears emoji is again the most used emoji on Twitter. This doesn't mean that the emoji has become the favorite among users. The main reason is the decline in usage of the crying tears emoji, which was being used in most tweets. People are using these emojis to express their sarcasm, and fewer people are using them for their literal meanings. The face with tear emojis was used 20 Million times just between December and January.

The laughing tears emoji was first introduced in 2011 and since then it is being widely used in several situations. It is most popular among millennials and has put them in a chokehold ever since it was first released. However, Gen-zs have an opposite view on this emoji. Most youngsters have declared it as a cringe and overused emoji. We can say that the reason for this emoji being the most used on Twitter is all because millennials are having a blast with this one. Laughing emoji just shows that they have found some source of entertainment in their life and they are enjoying it to full extent.

To compensate something with laughing emoji, the youngsters came forward and started using crying and skull emoji but nothing could beat the laughing one. Older people never stopped and made this emoji the most used one. Other most-used emojis on Twitter are sparkles emoji, heart eyes emoji, high five emoji and heart emoji. We can say that emojis play an important part in expressing your emotions and feelings. Sentences without emojis feel so formal and it's a known fact that we don't need these formalities in today's world.

Congratulations to the laughing emoji though for coming first in the wild race of most used emojis. The way this emoji is being used, there is speculation that next year once again the crown will be its. Laughing Emoji can clearly represent how the Twitter environment revolves around jolly and funny people. We all can just say that Twitter's entire interactions revolve around some emojis.

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