New data from Google Search reveals the top trending career searches

Following the pandemic situation, the number of openings for jobs went up, with a lower unemployment rate. This triggered the Great Resignation movement in the US.

However, according to a recent report released by the tech giant Google, the movement has found its way to other countries as well. The findings shared in the report also talk about the job careers that people are planning to follow.

The search engine categorized top searches into different categories. The report starts with the search for "how to leave your job". This phrase was found to be trending in so many states and the most surprising highlight was that the US wasn’t on the top 1. The Philippines topped the list, followed by South Africa and then the United States in third position.

Moving on to the next step after leaving a job is to follow the desired career. In light of this, the next categorized list was based on "how to become". This category had a list of the top career searches globally. The list was topped by becoming an agent for real estate, followed by working on flights as a flight attendant or a pilot, and notary as well. The list also had a psychiatrist and a therapist on it too. The tech giant went further into details and added that notary was a common search term in the South Midwest, whereas as for the North Midwest, pursuing real estate was trending.

The report's next stop was to categorize searches based on the most frequently searched training programs. In this category, the list was topped by Google's data analytics professional certificate, followed by the National Contract Management Association certificate and the Child Development Certificate as the top three searched programmes. Other programmes had hair grooming technician programs.

The data shared in this report was based on searches between January of previous year till January of the ongoing year. This is because The Great Resignation movement started to gain its fame at the beginning of the previous year.

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