Apple’s App Store users are way ahead of Google Play users in terms of spending subscription money

Sensor Tower, a mobile intelligence company, has revealed in their report that mobile phone consumers are paying more than ever to subscribe to different applications.

The year-over-year subscription revenue for non-gaming applications has gone up from thirteen billion dollars to over eighteen billion dollars. Out of all this revenue, the major portion came from Apple’s App Store.

Google Play, on the other hand, only received nearly $5 billion.

Among all the subscribed applications, the video sharing hub, YouTube, topped the list of both overall stores in Google Play as well as on the Apple’s App Store. Whereas Google’s subscription service namely Google one was the top application on Google Play.

The majority of subscriptions are from America, who contributed over $566.5 million to YouTube out of its $1.2 billion generated overall.

While Apple product consumers spent most of their time subscribing themselves to different applications, Google Play had the largest increment in its yearly progress. Apple's increase was only 31%, while Google's had 78%.

In terms of most subscribed applications, YouTube was followed by the famous online dating application, Tinder. Surprisingly, Japanese webtoon application Piccoma was able to secure the third spot on the list.

Other major applications include Disney+ and HBO Max. These two applications are famous for their entertainment and media distribution. The famous live streaming application, Twitch, also made its way into the top 10 applications list.

Among the largest social media applications, including Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, only Facebook was able to appear on the 10th position among the top 10 Google Play’s most subscribed applications, whereas no major social media platform was able to get itself onto the overall app list, as such applications are working on their own subscription models.

These numbers have changed a lot in just a few years. Though Apple had the most revenue generated, it cannot be neglected that Google Play is also catching up with the tech giant. At this rate, it can be predicted that both Apple and Google might face each other one-on-one in upcoming years.

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