YouTube tests two new updates, the first one for its viewer and second one for its creators

At the start of every new year, many big platforms are giving a new interface to their app. In the starting days of January the Meta owned Instagram made huge changes in its application’s outlook like horizontal view of their photo grid.

So with this wave of changes the leading video sharing app YouTube is also not far behind and is continuously making changes in the app because the video hosting giant knows very well that if they lack behind in the term of new technologies it will become hard to survive with the increasing market competition.

So to sustain their popularity among users, the video sharing app is continuously giving new updates and features.

Recently, YouTube tested two new features for the users and creators, one of which is the “Transcript Box” banner on mobile devices and the other is “Voiceover” feature for its YouTube short.

YouTube Shorts is almost similar to the famous Chinese app TiKTok. In “Shorts” the tech giant allows creators to upload videos of durations up to one minute. As we all know last year in July, YouTube announced a Shorts feature. After the release of YouTube Shorts the tech giant added the additional features in it to improve user experience. Moreover, YouTube has announced a $100 million fund for their “YouTube Shorts” creators to encourage them to make shorts.

At the start of 2022, YouTube is working on the “Voiceover” feature for its Shorts .This feature lets you add voiceover to your short videos, as spotted by XDA.

Currently, this voiceover feature allows you to only add music from the YouTube library. In case you want to add any voice clips outside from the YouTube library then for this customized voice, you will need to record audio separately and then add to the video by using a third party video editor.

Currently this voice over feature is not available for the latest Android YouTube beta and unfortunately the company did not announce any set and specific date for the availability of this feature for wide YouTube beta creators.

The second update, as spotted by @WFBrother, that the tech giant added on YouTube mobile app is the banner of transcript box under the video description. The Transcript box will have the topic of conversation/or what is happening in a particular minute of the video mentioned by each minute down below. Users who are habitual of fast forwarding videos and moving to more interesting parts will appreciate the effort of the tech giant. This is because sometimes we need to hurriedly watch the whole video. The transcript box will give us easy access to which part we want to see in video and jump to this.

YouTube and engineering teams have always been great with its updates and over the years have modified its app for the better. The future looks great too and we cannot wait for all the incoming new updates.

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