Instagram is testing two nifty new features, Pin Posts On Profile and Undo Stories

The leading photo and video sharing app Instagram is not taking any break from giving the cool updates and new features to their users.

Instagram tested two new updates for their loyal users. The leading social media app is continuously giving new updates in the first month of this New Year.

Few days ago, Instagram announced the horizontal view of their photo grid and along with this update the tech giant also gave an opportunity to rearrange the photo grid as per users liking and personal preference because sometimes users want to make specific pictures come on top when others visit their profile.

While continuing these updates, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, the tech giant is working on the ability to provide users a pin post option on their profile and this seems like a much needed feature indeed.

The second feature that was spotted by Matt Navarra, is the quick “undo” option for accidently sent stories.

It is also a very useful option especially when you are creating new stories and by mistake you post a half written or some wrong text or you forget to tag someone in the stories. How much you have wished for it to reverse back because re-uploading a story is indeed a hassle. Well, the social media giant heard your needs and is now testing an undo feature which will help you edit your story even after you upload it. It definitely is a life saver.

According to Navarra, currently, Turkey is the only country where the tech giant is testing this feature.

The photo sharing app has still not announced the set date when these two features will be available on the app. However the devoted users of Instagram are anxiously waiting for these updates.

The loyal and devoted users of Instagram are hoping that like the first month of the new-year, the tech giant will continue to give new updates to their users in the upcoming months.

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