YouTube Elaborates on Super Thanks, Community Guideline Violations

A lot of things have been changing with YouTube as of late, and many of these changes have made it somewhat difficult for content creators to be able to do the job that they are assigned. These creators are the lifeblood of YouTube because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up bringing a lot more people to the platform since these people are there for the creators and their content rather than anything else these days.

Several creators have been quite frustrated with the high rate of community guideline violations that they are being told they have committed. These supposed violations can often result in a creator having their video demonetized which can deprive them of a crucial source of revenue. In some cases, guideline violations can also have a video removed from the platform entirely, and many creators want to know more about why this occurs as well as more specifics that can help them learn what guidelines they violated so that they can avoid doing so in the future.

In the interests of transparency, YouTube is now rolling out something that it is calling a Guided Community Guidelines experience. This is meant to give users a clearer overview of the guidelines that they may have violated, as well as give them more options with regards to what they can do to appeal the decision moving forward. This is also supposed to give creators more information that will illuminate the guidelines that they need to adhere to which many influencers would be grateful for.

Some are criticizing this supposed guided experience, claiming that it does little to provide any actually useful information. However, YouTube seems to be trying to mend bridges with them with its new Super Thanks feature which allows their subscribers to send them money if they like their content. This can create an added revenue stream that can potentially free creators from having to rely on ad revenue and the like. These changes are vital for the health of the community, and only time will tell if they managed to get things done in that respect or if creators start giving up on the platform entirely.

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