YouTube Scales Back Originals, Refocuses on Shorts and Family Content

YouTube has changed quite a bit as a platform over the course of the past few years. Whereas initially it was pretty much only the type of site that people would upload casual, fun or interesting videos on, it quickly became a place for content creators to put up their work. This resulted in YouTube trying to turn itself into more of a Netflix-type platform by funding various creators and facilitating the creation of original content under the brand name YouTube Originals.

This was part of a broader push from YouTube as it attempted to position itself as a content hub where higher quality content could be created. They did this in a wide range of ways, first by funding the creation of new channels owned by established creators and subsequently by providing funding for said creators to make YouTube originals that would be offered to its various premium customers in order to entice users into paying for the premium package since simply removing ads did not seem like it would do the trick.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that both YouTube Originals as well as YouTube TV have been facing some hard times. It turns out that YouTube is now going to be discontinuing its production of original content, instead only providing black oriented content for underrepresented communities. Content for kids is also still a priority, with YouTube continuing to fund the creation of new content in that field amidst its attempts to make itself more family oriented for advertising purposes.

Another thing to note is that YouTube TV has been having a rough time of it too on top of everything else. Failed negotiations with Roku potentially made it possible for YouTube to be removed from that platform entirely, but the good news in that respect is that YouTube has managed to cling on. However, they haven’t been making a lot of updates in that respect, with the only new feature being the ability to sort your YouTube TV channels based on which ones you watch the most.

That’s not exactly the sort of update that would make people more likely to want to incorporate YouTube TV into their Roku experience, and it is a sign that YouTube may be dialing back its efforts in that specific area. Whether or not this is YouTube admitting failure remains to be seen, but it is intriguing that the video streaming platform is not doing more to make the most of its forays into originals by bringing them into YouTube TV as well since this indicates that the platform isn’t all that confident about the success of that particular endeavor.

Instead, it appears that YouTube is doubling down on both kid friendly content as well as shorts. The platform recently announced that shorts creators will be getting their bonuses for the content that was watched in the month of January, and that may be where the platforms true interests tend to lie. There is also a chance that YouTube may regroup and attempt to get back into its originals focused planning in the near future, but for now YouTube originals seem like they will be a thing of the past.

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