You can now follow YouTube Creators on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is a tech giant that falls into the category of companies that are linked with the Silicon Valley. It is one of the biggest producers of computer software, personal computers and its services. The company was founded back in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Right now the company sits at over 2 trillion dollars market cap, which is pretty impressive.

The company has been producing operating systems and computer related software which has revolutionized the tech world. It is because of them that we are sitting here working on our computers, browsing the internet and what not.

Last year, the company went on and revealed that they would be coming up with a handful of new products which included a laptop, 3 tablets and a phone which could be folded. The company doesn’t really generate its revenue from hardware as it is just a small percentage of its total revenue. It mostly covers it up from their software products.

Reports are that Microsoft has been working on some new features for their Edge browser. The leak shows that they are working on a new “Followable web” button which would allow users to follow their favorite content creators on YouTube.

Leopeva64, a browser researcher, posted that he saw a new feature which appears in the address bar when he opened up the YouTube website. This option would let you follow content creators that you feel are really good and thus it will create a new Collection for the user which would have videos from their favorite content creators.

This means that you won’t miss out on any new post of theirs as you will find it in your followable web. The company has said that this feature might just expand and would wrap around other features of YouTube as well. This update is not available for everyone at the moment as it is currently under the testing phase.

The company has been running for decades and has continued to produce quality products so that their users are satisfied. This is the reason that they are one of the most successful companies throughout the world.

With the world now inclining more towards Metaverse and NFT’s, we feel that Microsoft would play a really important role in shaping up how these technologies would impact the world. With them being the leading producer of software, the heads at Meta would be interested to pick their brains as to how they can take their project to the next level.
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