Creators to Receive a Separate Account for YouTube Earnings, Previously Which Was Merged With Google AdSense

YouTube created a bit of a creative revolution by enabling individuals to post any and all content that they were making directly to the internet thereby giving them the ability to obtain a massive audience without having to go through any record labels or studio owners. This is just one of Google’s many subsidiaries that is allowing normal everyday people to start earning money from the internet, but up until this point all of your Google earnings went to the same account.

That was a bit of an issue for people that earned income from a wide range of sources. Platforms like Google AdSense allowed users to earn through blogs and the like, and YouTube earnings were often lumped into the same category as well. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that YouTube is now going to offer a separate account to its creators for all of their earnings, as reveled in an email campaign from Google AdSense team (featured below), sent to creators and publishers.

This means that every penny that you earn from YouTube will go to a dedicated earnings account for the platform. This obviously won’t change the amount of money that creators can earn. Rather, it would make it easier for them to see where their money is coming from and operate their various ventures independently from one another with all things having been considered and taken into account.

However, some people may not like this change because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing them from getting their earnings disbursed quick enough. You will now have to reach an earnings threshold separately for your YouTube account which could take more time than if your AdSense earnings had been incorporated into that as well. That may harm smaller creators who don’t earn enough to get paid frequently from just YouTube, although bigger creators would be impacted less.
Starting in March and rolling out over the next few months, you will have a dedicated way to view your YouTube earnings. Instead of combining YouTube with other AdSense earnings in one payments account, YouTube earnings will appear in a separate payments account. For users with YouTube and other AdSense earnings, you will be able to manage and view your YouTube earnings in a separate payments account accessible from the Payments page. Moving forward, all your YouTube earnings will be posted to your YouTube payments account and any existing form of payment or custom payment thresholds will automatically be applied. The amount you earn will not change, however users with both YouTube and other AdSense earnings will have two separate payment accounts. Each payment account will need to reach the payment threshold which could influence your disbursement timing. If you have unpaid YouTube earnings, those will be transferred to the new YouTube payments account. Previously paid YouTube earnings and any other AdSense earnings will remain associated with your AdSense payments account.
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