YouTube Celebrates The Past Year And Looks To The New One In A Video From The Platform CEO

With yet another year having passed by, YouTube continues to affirm its position as the top player in the digital video marketplace, and shares plans for future growth and development.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has recently published a letter along with a video message titled “Our 2022 Priorities”, which looks back on successes across 2021 for the site and maps out a trajectory for the future. Particularly, Wojcicki praises the Shorts format of videos and the success it has enjoyed, with the short-form content reaching a total of five trillion views across the platform. TikTok’s had a very easy going of it for quite some time, especially since Vine kicked the bucket, but with Instagram’s Reels and Shorts, the playing field is no longer so barren. There’s proper competition to be dealt with, and it’ll be interesting to note just how each of the three platforms plan out their content and community guidelines in coming times. Creators on YouTube are also actively contributing to the global economy in meaningful, impactful ways. For example, YouTubers in Brazil account for 122,000 jobs, which contribute a total of USD $3.4 billion to the country’s GDP.

Being a YouTube is also a very profitable venture nowadays, with the number of channels earning over USD $10,000 increasing by a total of 40% across the world. Furthermore, by the end of 2021 creators have had ten separate methods of generating revenue, with brand content, advertising, and Premium being only some of the different avenues for growth. In fact, content creators are having a pretty good time not being bound to ad-generated revenue and Google AdSense, which are sometimes considered to be a finicky source of income. Yes, it’s a pretty good time to be a YouTuber nowadays. The first YouTube Rewind was released nearly a decade ago, and was the first massive display of the platform’s community strength. It’s impressive to see just how consistent growth has remained across both the platform and time itself.

So, that’s enough about the past; what does the future hold for YouTube? Well, Wojcicki’s video states that further emphasis will be placed upon Shorts in the coming times, with more and more creative freedom being introduced by the addition of new features. The YouTube Partner Program will open itself up to more and more creators, and YouTube Live will have more fine-tuning introduced to the interface so as to allow for smoother content streaming.

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