Apple’s Latest Anti-Tracking Ad Ironically Tracks Android Users

A big part of the business plan that Apple has been implementing as of late has mostly involved them speaking out against tracking and the like. Many tech platforms take part in targeted tracking of various users because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to show more relevant ads. Apple has tried to prevent this with its latest operating system, turning targeted tracking off by default. This has created a bit of a problem for companies like Facebook that rely on targeted tracking to earn a decent amount of revenue each year. Apple has doubled down on its stance, saying that tracking can be harmful and that users should be allowed to consent to it if they want it to happen.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Apple might not apply its same logic to its own practices. Many Twitter users have recently seen promoted tweet from Apple that target Android users specifically, telling them about the dangers of tracking and why that makes switching to Apple the best option for them. However, people that see this ad are commenting on how ironic the situation is given that Apple has to track users in the first place to be able to show this ad to them, something that goes against their publicly stated values.

Another thing about this tweet that many have been criticizing is the fact that Apple has turned comments off. That might be due to the reason that the company is aware that some might have called them out for tracking themselves while attempting to stop others from doing so. Ironically, Twitter has discontinued its ads transparency center, which could help us to authenticate, measure the reach and impact of this ad on Twitter community, so no comment on that. Either way, many Android users are highlighting this as an example of Apple’s hypocrisy and are stating that the company is only trying to stifle competition through this feature.
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