Google Is Adding Improved Tap-To-Transfer Feature Along With Lock-Screen QR Code Scanning To Android 13

Google is working on a tap-to-transfer feature for Android 13, and is also making it easier to scan QR codes with the OS, reports Android Police.

So, let’s start off with the QR codes first. They may not be incredibly relevant and important, but QR codes are rather frequently used in modern times to redeem vouchers, get gift cards, log onto WhatsApp Web, and in general transfer some amount of information rapidly. They’re encountered frequently enough to the point that not having a QR code scanner on one’s smartphone can lead to inconveniences popping up here and there. Some phones have scanners built into their camera, others have to rely on Google Lens in order to do so, and it takes a while to get to the actual scanning part itself too. It’s a minor hassle, especially if you aren’t familiar with how QR code scanning works for your specific device. So, Google’s decided to make the process a bit easier and even accessible from one’s Android lock screen. Screenshots have been leaked, revealing that the new OS (codename Tiramisu) will have a settings feature via which users can enable QR code scanners to be accessed right from the lock screen. A “show QR scanner” option is displayed to be listed under Lock Screen settings, and then shifting to said screen will display an option for scanning. Then go on, continue to do so, and suddenly getting the Wi-Fi password at whatever hotel you’re staying with is so much easier. It’s the little things and conveniences that really help add to an operating software’s image.

Other screenshots have also been revealed, depicting a new tap-to-transfer feature for the Tiramisu OS. TTT can best be compared with Apple’s Handsoff, which essentially allows a user to play different media on devices connected to the main iOS device. Walking near enough to said devices will then be enough to let them start playing whatever it is that the user is playing on their iPhone or iPad. The TTT screenshots reveal something similar: while it’s difficult to gauge such a feature’s use from screenshots, there is a bar at the top asking users to move closer to play their media. This directly suggests that TTT will essentially boil down to a Handsoff-esque addition to Tiramisu, which will allow previously connected devices to play media based on proximity to the originating device.

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