WhatsApp Is Testing The Addition Of New Search Filters For Business Accounts, As Well As A New Method For Compiling Groups

WhatsApp is adding a slew of new updates to its interface, namely the inclusion of new search filters for Business accounts, and the creation of communities.

Communities is an idea that previous betas have toyed with including. Essentially, a community is a group that consists of other, smaller groups making it up. It’s an idea that allows for easier inclusivity, since one no longer has to add multiple people manually in a frenetic attempt to create a separate group. If two groups have overlapping interest, then all one has to do is just add them together and voila! Community created, unnecessary work lifted aside, and problem solved. As per WABI, a recent WhatsApp beta by the name of has had the inclusion of a new mystery feature that shows up when an individual tries to make a new group. The Add Groups sub-menu now includes two options: the first one being our typical Create New Group feature, while the new addition being labelled Add Existing Groups. It is highly speculated that this new sub-menu entry will either tie into communities or announcements: both interface updates that have been hinted at in previous betas, and both having very similar purposes.

The second interface update that we’ll be discussing today is the inclusion of new filters in the search bar, specifically for Business accounts. With a Business account on WhatsApp, it’s very common to encounter requests and messages from unknown numbers; in fact, it’s actually the very thing that helps separate one’s actual acquaintances from potential clients on the platform. Of course, it isn’t possible to search for an unknown number on WhatsApp, unless one searches for keywords in their messages. While this could potentially work, after all, clients will want more or less the same things, it’s still ineffective since everyone had different requests, and different ways of wording them. Now, the new feature being added in is the inclusion of two Contacts and Non-contacts filters in search: clicking on the search bar will lead to both options showing up as tabs on the screen, and clicking on them will lead to only contacts, or vice versa, being displayed. In one fell swoop, it has suddenly become easier for a Business account owner to sift through their clientele.

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