TikTok Is Adding The Ability To Share Videos With Other Individuals To The Platform

TikTok has added a new feature to its interface, namely the ability to invite other individuals to watch a video on the platform.

This is a tool that can be very effectively used in order to grow an audience, something that TikTok users are often keenly on the lookout for doing so. TikTok’s a fun platform, no doubt, but a lot of it has devolved into a grind for views, engagement, and followers. It’s very understandable, no doubt, since careers as internet celebrities and content creators are very, very lucrative. They typically require very little manpower and staff, with people filming and editing videos themselves to a lot of success. TikTok is especially easy to create content for, comparatively at least, since the norm across the platform consists of simple, low-budget videos, that often involve an individual filming themselves. Of course, with an internet career comes the burden of managing an audience, attempting to trend as often as possible, adhering to popular topics of the time, and generating a bunch of content in order to avoid irrelevancy. The point I’m trying to make is that TikTok may be a fun place for individuals to relax or make some quirky, fun content, it can also be a draining hassle for creators.

So, how does talking about the TikTok hustle tie into the feature being discussed today? Well, because of how I feel like the feature will inevitably end up being used. The ability to invite other users to view a TikTok video typically means nothing more than that: watched a funny video, and want your friends to laugh along? Invite them to watch your video. There’s a really good cooking recipe you want to try out with your mom? Good for you, invite her to watch the video. However, due to just how audience-oriented TikTok, and social media as a whole, has begun, the ability to share videos will be viewed as nothing more than a tool for channel and audience growth.

From the screenshots provided by social media journalist and expert Matt Navarra, invites can be sent to other content creators through multiple forms of communication: messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok DMs, and so on. As of yet, the feature is being beta tested and is only available for Android devices.

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