WhatsApp is planning to introduce new features that are pretty cool

WhatsApp has been creating a lot of fuss in the messaging world since they revealed their latest plans for their future updates. The app is starting to finally pick up on what the users want and well with them walking on the right path, we feel that these new updates would bring back the long lost coolness of the app.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is planning to bring a couple of new features in its future updates. In their versions up to, they are introducing an option where users will now be able to draw with the help of a pens and pencils.

The company is planning on adding different pencils which will help you to draw on your pictures and videos. Another possibility is the feature where users will be able to blur their images. This blur images option was tested on WhatsApp for iOS but now it is being reported that it might be available for WhatsApp Beta testing for Android.

Another cool update that they are working on is for the desktop version of WhatsApp. This will be done through the WhatsApp beta testing channel and will soon roll out when it passes its initial phases.

WhatsApp is releasing an update for its WhatsApp desktop beta where they are tweaking the user interface a little bit, as per WABI. They have planned to change the color of the chat bubble in the dark mood. This means the color would be more towards that “Dark Green” shade instead of the conventional “Grassy Green” color. It feels like it is the same one like they are using for the WhatsApp Android.

Another update that we have heard is going to roll out soon is the new “Profile Picture” in the message notification. What happened in the previous versions is that whenever someone received a new text message, they could only see the name of the sender. But now, they will be able to see their profile picture alongside their name which is pretty cool because this way, you will know who has texted you.

With many updates rolling out and blowing away users with its functionality, we feel that WhatsApp is going to climb back into the competition. As we know that they have fallen behind the eight ball, these features and updates show some really positive signs as to how hard the people at WhatsApp are working.

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