Educational institutions of China roll out opportunities for students to be an influencer on social media platforms

Recently, it’s seen on Chinese apps that students are trying to get followers on their accounts to pass the final examination and create their own social media career.

As we all know how much we are involved in the circle of social media, especially the youth of every country. Everyone spends most of the time scrolling their newsfeed and getting updated on each trending topic happening in the world. Can’t help getting over it. So, China is famous for its opportunities and solutions for even the worst possibilities. This time it comes again and starts using social media as a career opportunity for students rather than wasting time on just scrolling. They start encouraging students to pursue the remunerative career of influencer after getting inspiration from European work, giving equal importance to brand selling and followers. For instance, the recent post of a student came out in which she said that she decided to be an influencer on social media, and she had to complete its follower target to accomplish the self-made content creator course. She said that she worked so hard until the mid of December but crossed only half of the original target. Her professor also said that anyone who crossed above half would get 90% marks.

The question arises here: What extra benefit do students get rather than availing marks? We don’t need to say more. A student’s experience can say it all. According to her journey from being a normal student to famous KOL, when she started to pursue this career, she didn’t get much attention, and its content was based upon fun facts, but by the time she found her talent in the beautician field and got millions of followers. Another student said that the teachers teach them how to produce engaging content and grow its followers.

The influencer concept inspired Chinese colleges from a seminar held by Alibaba economy in 2015, and they realized its importance during the era of massive digital adoption when Alibaba online store became a huge success and became a major influencer for willing persons who are passionate about doing something productive and willing to add value in other people’s life.

After more people start getting involved in the e-commerce businesses, the online platforms make huge profits like Douyin Gross Merchandise value is about 500 billion in Chinese currency. And in 2021, there seems to be an increase of 8,700 e-commerce startups in China.

As per the director of the social media research community, the electronic commerce industry is going so fast, as the institutions that give this field opportunities to their students must be great influencers one day. That’s why there was an increase in the number of vocational colleges during 2021 in which proper social media education is given to the students.

The vocational colleges now educate their incubators on how to shoot a video, edit it, and other e-commerce related skills that prove beneficial for them in the coming time.

H/T: Pandaily.

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