U.S Consumer spending In Mobile Games has been taking a hike with Genshin Impact leading the charts

Mobile gaming has been one of the most successful platforms since Covid. The increase in downloads in mobile games was seen to spike, because people were not able to go out and go on with their routines. A huge number of people started to download games on their smartphones so that they can pass their time instead of just sitting around.

Taking a look at how the stats are, we saw that the total consumer spending in the U.S went up by huge numbers. As per ST data, the Mobile Action category saw an increase of 69% in terms of user spending. The most impactful game was found to be “GenshinImpact”.

A total of 14 genres were taken into consideration, to create a report which would compare the increase in the number of downloads and the total revenue generated by games in 2020 and 2021. This would show us how much the Covid period has played its part as we went through numerous lockdown phases.

According to a report published by Sensor Tower, the action genre in the U.S grew by around 69% Y/Y in 2021 to almost $966.8 million, making it the highest grossing genre in terms of revenue.

“Genshin Impact” which received around $406.3 million in terms of consumer spending was found to be the highest growing game on the internet, taking the total revenue of the action genre to around %418.3 million. On 2nd was Marvel Contest of Champions followed by Dragon Ball Legends on 3rd.

After Action came Hypercasual and Tabletop. They both were sitting pretty on 2nd and 3rd place with 43% growth and 35% growth respectively. Hypercasual saw a $111 million increase in Y/Y revenue whereas Tabletop generated around $772.5 million.

If we talk about which category experienced the highest growth in terms of its consumer spending, Puzzles name comes at the top with $5.1 billion revenue, followed by casino and Strategy which received around $4.8 billion and $4.3 billion.

Looking at the numbers of the app which had the least decrease in its download percentage, it was concluded that sports was the only genre which had a decrease of less than 3%. Apart from sports, almost every genre went over that 3% mark with casino having the worst ratio of downloads with about 39.3% decrease in downloads.

The Mobile game market is expected to rise more and more as another variant of Corona virus has surfaced and has started to create panic. Countries have gone back into lockdowns and thus while people are staying inside their homes, they need something to kill their time and games will become the center of attraction again.
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