What’s the Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool? The Answer Might Surprise You

Marketing directly to consumers can be a great way of ensuring that you get the desired results, but the thing to note here is that the medium you use to contact your target market matters quite a bit.

According to a survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, most marketers aren’t using the best medium. The most commonly used mediums for direct marketing, according to this survey, are email, social media and paid search results.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that none of these have a return on investment that comes to close to good old fashioned analog mail! Yes, we’re talking about the regular mail that you, or more likely your parents, sent through the postal service! Direct mail offers 112% ROI according to this survey, which far surpasses that of email, social and paid search which offer 93%, 81% and 88% ROI respectively.

One thing to take note of here is that this doesn’t mean that you should start mailing all of your clients. Rather, it might have to do with the fact that people that still receive regular mail would be more willing to look into any marketing or promotional materials that they get through that medium which is what potentially drives the ROI up to such a degree.

Most marketers in the survey agreed that chatbots, organic search and other technological marketing methods would be what they would prefer to focus on in the coming years. 47% planned to use organic search, with 41% saying they would try using chatbots and 39% also wanting to try out live chat. Customer engagement appears to be the name of the game right now, and it is what most marketers will look into.

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