iPhones Continue to Provide the Highest Trade-In Value According to Research

Trading in your phone when you are looking to buy a brand new one is something that most people would agree is financially sound. After all, you can get some money back for the phone that you are trading in, and this can go on to make the next phone you are about to buy considerably more affordable at least to a certain extent, and one thing to note here is that some phones have higher value.

SellCell analyzed data regarding the depreciation in the value of smartphones and found that iPhones performed best in this regard. This is a trend that has remained more or less consistent over the past few years, and it is something that continues to be the case if 2021 stats are anything to go by. In fact, out of the top five phones for trade in value, only one was an Android phone.

The phone with the lowest dip in value after a year of ownership turned out to be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its value only dropped by around 31.7%, and it was closely followed by the iPhone 12 Pro with a 33.8% drop in value, the iPhone 12 with 34.3% and finally the iPhone 12 Mini whose value fell relatively more severely at 43.8% which makes sense considering it’s not a flagship model and was mostly meant for budget buyers.

All of these numbers contrast rather starkly with Android phones. The best performing Android phone, the Pixel 5, saw a massive 49.8% drop in value after a single year of use. Some Android phones performed especially poorly, with most Motorola phones seeing well over 80% reduced value as far as trade ins were concerned. This may be one of the main benefits of using iPhones that most Apple fans would agree with for the most part.
H/T: SellCell.

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