Study shows a majority of consumers find ads on almost all mediums as irrelevant

Ads are one of the most irritating things which have the tendency to pop out from anywhere. It is because these ads are programmed in a way that they are set out to target a particular age group or region so that they can get maximum outcome.

These Ads have been running around on websites like Google, Instagram, Twitter and many more. These ads are also used by Youtubers and Facebook pages so that they can get a bit of the attention which would help them to achieve their goals.

It was seen that people in America don’t like to be targeted by these ads. It doesn’t matter if they are being targeted in a segment or if they are being targeted individually. The Advertising Research Foundation went around and surveyed around 1,280 Americans from May 14 to May 26 2021.

This report was made because the Democratic Lawmakers were seen arguing about a law because if that law would pass, then the market of targeted ads would disappear. The main topic of discussion was found to be privacy and personal data use.

As we are seeing a decline in the use of cookies and device IDs, marketers and advertisers are coming up with a new method which would target small groups of de-identified consumer cohorts. This creates a bit of a problem when it comes to the implementation phase because most of the people are against usage of their personal and private data.

It was found that Americans who aged around 55 or more were totally against the target segment system whereas ages 24-35 were comfortable with them being targeted by ads or at least getting relevant ads which they are interested in. It was also seen that people who were more educated and had money did not have any problems whatsoever.

Consumers also complain about the fact that almost half of the ads that they get are of products that they have already purchased. Sometimes the ads that they get are a bit too much “relevant” which makes people paranoid and makes them feel that they are being monitored.

Out of all of these people that ARF surveyed, around 10-20% of them think that they ads they were getting were too redundant whereas 20% of them thought that the ads that they were getting were too relevant.

It’s good that these marketing companies and ads are doing a good job in targeting the correct users and regions. It is really important for them to make their ads a bit less relevant so that people don’t feel that they are under the radar at all times.

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