Two new features of WhatsApp are under development, moving chats to Android and chat wallpapers

Whatsapp is working on two major features that take a considerable part in the application's interface development. First that user will see during the call, and the other is about moving chats from Android to iOS devices.

Technology moves forward, and vast competition seems between social media platforms as time passes. That's why WhatsApp is coming to add some more value to the social life of its users. The feature in which WhatsApp messenger is considering Apple's iOS devices, is probably what a lot of iOS users were looking for, and some are already in that kind of thinking mode that it will not be worth the hype but still want to know. So, let's disclose its primary abilities; the actual name of the feature is moving the chats to iOS devices, which will allow users to transfer their chat history from Android to their own iOS devices. And the other one is for bringing something new in its interface design during voice calls. The Apple users will enjoy the latest wallpapers for calls on WhatsApp, as per WABI, "they are working on the ability to view the chat wallpaper when placing voice calls:"

Unfortunately, both the features are under development, and the fixed roll out date has not been issued yet.

As far as the matter is concerned of moving chat feature, in 2021, the messaging application provides almost the similar option in which users on Samsung and Google mobile phones can transfer the chat data from Apple devices and the same will be enjoyed by iPhone users now. The reason to bring this feature is that many people are starting to switch from android to iPhone due to its brand reputation, credibility, and very little lag. So, this will help them while moving their essential chats.

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