Twitter's Data Reveals Most Tweeted About Games Across 2021

Twitter recently published a blog post along with infographics, displaying the most tweeted about games and giving users insight into how conversation around gaming conducts itself on the platform.

Video games are a booming industry, have been one for quite a while, and will probably continue to do so for just as long, if not longer. They’re one of the most common leisure activities individuals partake in, and have massive communities built around them. At one point, gaming was just a form of personal entertainment, with the real money being made by developers and the suits that backed them. However, that soon changed as we started entering the late eighties and people realized that they could very effectively monetize their hobby. People didn’t really have many different ways that they could make money off of playing Mr. Game and Watch games from the early eighties, but games such as Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Mario 64, and Metroid started making the rounds amongst competitive circles, kick-starting the competitive gaming tournaments that we’re familiar with today (I still follow Super Smash Bros tournaments with a close eye).

Flash forward to the 2010’s, we have access to YouTube, and gameplay commentaries are becoming increasingly popular across the internet. People suddenly have an even more accessible method of monetizing their gaming hobbies. It’s no longer necessary to be incredibly amazing at any game, since what’s drawing people in is the allure and commentary that a YouTuber offers over the footage of them gaming. It’s no longer necessary to be stellar at gaming: all one has to be is entertaining, even if some 30-year old ponytail hocking purist taking things too seriously refuses to accept this. But yes, sure, keep talking about your BloodBorne high score and how Demon Souls, not Dark Souls, was the first souls game ever.

So, what games does the infographic detail were hotly talked about across 2021? The first position holder is Genshin Impact, which isn’t surprising; Genshin Impact is a mobile game that plays like an MMORPG many consoles couldn’t hold a candle to. With surprising depth and gameplay quality, it was what opened everyone’s eyes to what games could be like. Apex Legends takes number two, since CS: GO but with abilities is a concept we’ll never get tired of. Other important entries include Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing (which carried its immense 2020-pandemic popularity over), PUBG, Fortnite, and of course Minecraft. We’ll never forget the simplistic block game that started out as a survival game and has now evolved to include a working Gameboy. Something about the snake eating its own tail would fit here perfectly. Take a look at below charts for more "Gaming on Twitter" insights:
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