Brandwatch’s Updated List Reveals Top Twitter Influencers

As we connect more with social media platforms, we get to know more about the latest technologies, news, and other stuff on such platforms. Even young social media users connect more with famous influencers and creators who have more followers and can influence other persons with their passion for work, lifestyle, courage, and more.

Brandwatch’s top ‘Twitter influencers list’ rank them based on their followers, and then shortlist almost 50 users who are dominant on others. The best way to find out how an account becomes more prominent is by checking the account's authentic engagement with its followers. The updated list shows the most popular accounts, including Elon Musk, American politician Obama, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cristiano Ronaldo and, last but not least, Taylor Swift. She is actually number one in the list. Taylor Swift is a popular American singer and a great influencer for those who want to become a part of the music industry.

Comparing the 2021 list with the prior year shows some minor differences. So, almost six users are removed and replaced by others. New individuals replaced Iggy, Milano, Kevin, and Mashi Rafaels.

As per Brandwatch’s data, the profession considered more influential on the micro-blogging platform is the singing category, which covers almost 54 percent of all the influencers. The second one TV host covers 12% and then comes the business and sports profession, which comprises the rest of the percentage. Take a look at below chart for more insights: 

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