According to the list issued by DEA, these emojis are used as a drug code

A drug code guide was posted in the “Drug Enforcement Administration” chart, showing harmful emojis used for illegal purposes. Even a simple emoji of candy and tree also participates in drug purchasing activities.

Any medicine that has some harmful psychological effects on the human body is a drug that is easily available to a potential buyer. An interested person needs to know the right way to order it. So, the popular and convenient way is using different emojis to buy or sell drugs. However, emojis are available on all devices, so the kids are also involved in these illegal activities, and parents worry about them. The Drug Enforcement Administration also said that the signs used for physical abuse are also involved in Drug purchasing and selling agreements. And a code is introduced after observing the dealings between drug dealers and interested buyers.

The administration also said that The purpose to rolls out the code is to make aware the parents to keep an eye on their kids that what kind of icons they are using in their chats and if they feel that emoji issued in a list is used many times then they better know how to control them. It should be noted that Xanax and other drugs are marked by different pills, chocolates, and bus icons that show fake prescriptions related to fentanyl, ordered by sending a face with a little smile on it with some tears. Remember, many pills available in the slums are considered fentanyl, which is more harmful than even heroin and the agency pushes access to the test strips of these drugs instead of encouraging annoyance between kids and parents. As per DEA, sometimes alone, emojis are not used for drug dealings, but they come up with different signs such as fat loss and changes in behaviors. However, we have a list of some common signs used to deal with Harmful medicines.

The list includes a diamond sign used to buy Methamphetamine that attacks the central nervous system, lightning thunder, green tree, and the signs of blast like bombs showing the most dangerous drugs. Also, there is a cookie sign of how many medicines a potential buyer wants. The cash-related emoji and a plug indicate that someone is selling medicines.

Being a parent, if you want to check the text code, you should consider the Hallmark channel, which probably helps you identify that code.

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