Twitter users can like any tweet by Double Tapping; here's how

Technology moves forward towards advancement at a fast pace this year, and every tech company tries to provide its best and be at the top. To contribute to it, Twitter is continuously rolling out some nifty features, and this time it comes to give ease to people in liking the post what they want to, and the post creator can get even more Likes through it, and here it comes by the name of Double Tap to Like.

Recently, in the tweet of Matt Navarra and Jack Horwood, a piece of news came out about the new effort of Twitter to make something easier on the platform that related to the Like button, before if someone wants to Like a particular tweet, after login they have to click on the heart icon placed right behind the post and in case to dislike, the same thing goes to undo it But wait why anyone goes for a Like button? Well, it’s a way to express the viewer’s love, attention, and response through which the creators get the idea of how much people showed their interest while reading the tweet and what kind of content they will make in the future, all done based on the Likes numbers, as simple is that the post which grabs most of the love, that’s the content which people enjoys.

After the official launch of the feature, the users will be able to Like by tapping twice on anywhere around the post, and the chances of getting more likes are also enhanced, but how? So, almost everyone knows that the same thing is already on Instagram. After observing a significant point, while scrolling the newsfeed or different posts, some touches are randomly pressed by a person, and it counts in Like. After this, some reactions are overwhelming, and some say that it’s a new thing for them but doesn’t work.

In the last year, the social media platform made a considerable advancement to facilitating its traffic; in 2021, the most recognizable ones are spaces and Super Followers through it,users are able to make money after monetizing their accounts,and in this year, it makes it more convenient through the addition of an extension or the amalgamation of above two, and now the Double Tap one. Twitter is working on various features you will see soon on its application.

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