Here is why Metaverse avatars are without legs

Metaverse is the future of technology that creates a particular network through which natural world people can coordinate and communicate in the extended reality. With the power of seeing through their avatars in the digital world, people are curious to find out why they don't have legs? So, here we are going to tell the facts behind this.

One thing people must have clear in their mind before studying anything about Metaverse. It’s not only restricted to transforming the whole world in which they are living, but it is also more than that. Like how people participate in the digital world, how they handle the situation while standing in their factory, attending a meeting in a room of another world, the Chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation said. Just recently, Facebook and Microsoft started to introduce their virtual worlds, and many pictures, posts, videos came out depicting the future dream world in which avatars that will perform the character of humans in that world also show which people can mold and make them as they want to through using the given accessories. Meanwhile, the exciting fact is that they are all without legs and are like floating torsos which look quite weird.

To find out the technical reason behind it, let's take a look at the approach of the Metaverse. Because, till the Virtual reality headsets and Oculus by Meta, handy sensors are used while going into the digital world, and no sensors for legs are commercially available right now. One of the reasons is that headsets can't capture the whole body of a person from head to toe because the belly and some other obstacles appear in the scene, which means that movements of legs can't be detected accurately, and that's why the lower part of the body is not visible in Metaverse.

Sense Gloves also said that headsets cameras are not enough to capture the whole body, but the problem can be handled through working on the leg sensors as for the hand ones. Another reason that the managing director of VR Company explained about no legs is that many persons in the real world have height complexities or are possessive about their height concerns. It will annoy them if their own avatars don't match the length as per their perspectives.

But Microsoft is working on this issue and says that by the time we are planning to leverage the avatars' capabilities, people will see the full-body version of it in the future.


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