Instagram Is Now Allowing Users To Create Remixes Using Any And All Videos Across The Platform, Not Just Reels

Instagram is now allowing users to create Remixes with all videos across the platform, regardless of whether or not they’re Reels.

Well, dear readers of all kinds, I will admit to being absolutely wrong. When Reels was announced by Instagram, I laughed it off as being an uninspired TikTok rip-off that was destined to remain in relative obscurity, with the original (if such a word is applicable, they’re all just short videos) reigning supreme. While TikTok may definitely still be the monarch of short-form video content, Reels is not languishing away, being completely alone. Far from it: in fact, Reels has become one of the most actively used and lucrative features that Instagram has introduced to its community since perhaps even its inception. Instagram was even inspired to run a creator’s program for the feature, with creators earning over USD $10,000 as part of their content. Overall, while it may not be the cultural juggernaut that TikTok is, creating trends left and right, Instagram Reels is certainly not as far away from that modern relevancy as I previously thought it to be.

Remixes is a new Instagram Reels feature that functions much like TikTok Duets do. A Reel made on the platform can have another new Reel play side by side with it, as users either react to or add upon the original. It’s a very fun feature that users across TikTok have used to increasingly impressive and creative effect. My personal favorite Duets consist of musicians creating massive melodies by compounding their instruments one after the other upon a starting rhythm. Remixes, accordingly, were embraced very quickly by Instagram users, and while the platform hasn’t shared any numbers the higher-ups seem to be quite pleased with how much engagement this new interface addition is drawing. That’s what apparently ended up warranting this new update to Remixes, which only further broadens horizons for creators.

Now, any form of video across Instagram can be utilized in order to create a Remix, with certain conditions applying. This addition to the tool was announced via a tweet by the platform, which acknowledged the success that Remixes were enjoying across the community. However, even as access to all videos has been opened up, Remixes cannot be made of videos created prior to this announcement. In short, any Reels made before the tweet can be remixed, but not videos created beforehand.

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