Meta doubles down on Oculus Quest name change and everyone hates it

Meta, which was formerly known as Facebook, has announced that they will be rebranding one of their most liked headsets. The Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets will now be called “Meta Quest” and a lot of users seem to be not liking the idea.

The company has a notorious history with brand name shuffles as they were always criticized by people all around the world. When Facebook announced that they were going to change their name to Meta, users all around the world started criticizing the move even before it was made official.

The social media accounts of Meta Quest are trying to enforce this upgrade and are trying their best to make the audience accept this change by creating light memes. They think that people will just laugh it off and will accept this new change but that’s where they are not that right.

By analyzing the response on all social media platforms, we came to a conclusion that people are not amused by this name change as they are mocking the company for not keeping the brand name. They feel that they have been cringed by the company and are wondering why the platform couldn’t keep the former name instead.

Many tech enthusiasts were seen on Twitter where they expressed their feelings on how they felt after the company decided to change the name of the headset.

The company came up with a lot of responses after being heavily criticized by users. They said that they feel the sentiment and emotions of people and they know that it will be really difficult for people to accept the change. They further said that even though the name has been changed, Oculus will always be a part of their Tools and Software.

This could prove to be a really costly move for the company as people might start losing faith in the brand. Moreover with a new name attached to it, the product will not be recognized by many people. This couldn’t have been any worse for them as the new Playstation VR2 is supposed to come out any day now.

It might take some time before people will start to get used to the new name. We saw when Facebook transitioned to Meta, People criticized it a lot but now they seem to have forgotten about it. Whatever the case might be, everything will go back to normal in a few months and people will get used to the new name.

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