Statisa Study Reveals How Much Brand Loyalty Google Smartphone Users Display

In wake of Google's new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro mobile smartphones, Statista decided to conduct a study into brand loyalty, attempting to gauge just how quickly users would abandon their company of choice for something potentially better.

Google’s currently entering a very well-saturated marketplace, with there being plenty of massively popular brands already present. While it’s still very much possible to carve a niche out for oneself in such conditions, it’s important to note that brand loyalty is already rather prevalent, with Apple and Samsung users leading the charge on such matters. The Samsung vs. Apple debate continues to run rampant across online internet forums, with almost each day bringing a new argument to the surface. Either way, finding online arguments is one thing, but having cold, hard, statistical data depicting which brand features the most loyal customers is another. While I personally believe that brand loyalty is just another useless form of tribalism, it’s still important to take a look at the perspectives of other smartphone users on the matter. If nothing else, it offers insight into the marketplace, and offers a subjective look into which brands are definitively better than others.

Statista’s survey into the matter compared customers across three brands: Apple, Samsung, and Google. The study’s sample population involved 6,060 separate individuals from across the USA, of which 2,794 were Apple users, 1,787 were Samsung users, and 233 were Google users. The sample was provided a single question to answer: how likely are you to change your smartphone brand on the next occasion possible? Results for individuals who found it very likely or very unlikely were then plotted in a bar graph for the purposes of comparisons between brands, allowing readers going through the study a simple method of comparing brand loyalty between brands.

To what I expect to be little surprise, Apple users displayed the most amount of brand loyalty, with approximately 52% of all users stating that they found it unlikely to upgrade to a different brand. 30% claimed that they would very likely switch brands at the next available opportunity, and the remaining 18% chose not to label their future potential predilections. Samsung didn’t do too badly either, with 45% of all users stating that they will continue using the brand, 29% considering switching upon the next given opportunity, and the remaining 26% apparently undecided or indifferent. However, Google’s numbers are severely suffering in comparison to its competition.

Only a very small 26% of the Google population stated that they would like to continue using the same brand. 49% stated that they would very likely change brands upon the next given opportunity, and 25% claimed indifference or indecision on the matter.

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