Microsoft says its latest Windows version needs around 8 hours to update properly

Microsoft is surely the best company out there which has produced one of the most-used PC operating systems. The company has been around for decades and has been contributing heavily when it comes to the technology. The company has many brilliant minds working together that go on and produce content which is loved by people all around the world.

Microsoft was founded back in 1975 and since then, we’ve seen them produce many products and operating systems that changed the course of the world. Their first operating system Windows 1 was released back in 1985. Bill Gates, the founder and CEO of the company had a vision where he wanted to bring a change into the computerverse and well he really did it.

Recently the company received complaints from users that they were not able to fully optimize their computers after the recent Windows 11 update. They said that they installed the update but their computers aren’t showing any signs of automatic optimization.

The company took an initiative where they started to fetch all the records of these updates and analyzed what was happening. It was found that users were not connected to the servers for a good amount of time. As a result, Microsoft announced that users should at least be connected on their servers for 8 hours so that they wouldn’t miss any important package.

This doesn’t mean that the update would take around 8 hours to download, but it means that 8 hours is the ideal time for them to stay connected to Microsoft’s servers so that all the updates and packages are installed and users can go on and use their systems without any issues.

David Guyer, a Microsoft Program Manager for Windows Updates in blog post said that, “One of the things that we observed is that for how much time these devices should be powered on and connected to Windows Update to fully extract all the packages and installations. These devices require around 2 hours to update and 6 hours after the update so that they can update all the drivers and features in the background.”

After all the packages are extracted, users can restart or shutdown their computers so that the changes can be applied.

Microsoft has even started to build another way which would distribute the update to users in a more reliable way. “Update Stack Package” will be used by the company which would work as an updater. It will provide an improvement to the update experience outside of major OS updates before monthly or feature Windows updates.

At the moment, the market value of the company rests at $2.299 Trillion and we think that if they keep on working like that, they will be able to double it by 2025.

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