WhatsApp Tests New Media Picker, Restricts Certain Group Invite Links

WhatsApp has quickly become a lot more than just some kind of an instant messaging platform. It is now frequently used by most people to call or video chat with one another as well, and another of its extremely popular uses comes when someone tries to send media to another user. According to recent beta tests, WhatsApp may be trying to change its media picker in order to make it easier for most users to figure out where the media they want to send may be located.

The old media picker that we are all now quite used to can be opened by tapping the camera icon, at which point you will see your gallery at the bottom of your screen. This can make it rather difficult to find older media that you may want to send, and the new media picker that WhatsApp is testing out might fix that issue once and for all once it gets rolled out to a wide enough number of users.

The main difference in this new media picker is that it splits the interface into two separate tabs. One of these tabs will show you recent media, and the other will take you to your gallery. This can make it easier for you to keep sending the same media to a wide range of people which can come in handy when you are trying to share old memes and memories and the like. This feature will only be seen if you tap on the camera icon, though, regular media sharing will remain the same.

Another change that many have noticed is that they might not be able to send a group invite link to someone or the other. This occurs when a large number of reports have been made about a certain group. WhatsApp ends the group if this occurs, and while it can’t see what was actually shared on the group it can still look at various messages that have been reported on. If a group is ended, you won’t be able to send messages to it and you will now no longer be able to invite other people to the group as well.

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