Facebook under the pump as Silverman shakes hands with Capitol hill

Social Media is a place where everyone posts about things that they like or share news and updates. This is really helpful whereas it can also be quite misleading in some cases because the things that we find on the internet are not exactly all true.

Brandon Silverman, who is the CEO and Co-founder of Crowd Tangled, has recently left Facebook to join Capitol Hill. CrowdTangle is a platform where analysts can observe and discover trending content on social media. That’s what Brandon Silverman was doing since 2016 when his startup was acquired by Facebook. On 8th of October, he announced that he was leaving the company for Capitol Hill.

He was responsible for monitoring the content that was being published all around the platform and which content was bringing most of the traffic. This was perhaps one of the most important jobs in the company but as people started to convey wrong information on politics and health care, his work started to get on the nerves of his bosses.

Since his departure from Facebook, he hasn’t taken a moment to relax because he has a new agenda. He decided to open the “Black Box”, that is all the content and information that roams around on their platform. For that to happen, he has even started to work with legislation, which would create some kind of pressure and would make these companies to break and show the content that they have.

He said that, “There are a few companies that are working as an incubator, where all the information lies and well it’s not available to everyone. If these companies figure out a way to allow this content which is in the black box to be available for everyone, it would be really great as this would prove to be helpful for society, which was the ultimate purpose of these social media platforms in the first place”.

Most of us know what happens when an employee leaves their company, they sometimes leak private information that would destroy these companies and their reputations. But Silverman isn’t doing anything like that, instead he wants that information to be utilized in a way that people would be able to make the most out of.

In 2017, Facebook opened up this feature for everyone to use, so that they can see what’s going on around the world. Many organizations, companies and journalists started to use these features to get a better understanding on how their society works and what things grab most of the attention on these platforms.

But since the ratio of misleading information started to increase, CrowdTangle started to become a burden for the company. The executives at Facebook started to question the future of CrowdTangle in the company.

Silverman knew that he and his team would not be able to flourish in the company as they had been doing for the last 4 years and hence he decided to leave the company. Since then, he’s putting his efforts into the legislation which would be a game changer if it passed.

If the legislation passes, Facebook might find themselves staring right into the gun barrel. Because all of their efforts for shutting down the CrowdTangle would then go in vain, but at the same time it would be nice to have loads of insider information available to us.

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