The pandemic while has affected the world, it surely gave a way for small home based businesses to grow

Since December 2019, the World has been experiencing a virus, a pandemic, and from the Corona virus has become horrible for the entire world and the planet earth has still not been recovered from this pandemic. Now in 2022, the fifth dangerous wave omicron is still showing its cruel effect in most parts of the world including China. China is the main origin of corona as we are all well aware that corona first appeared in Wuhan, China.

Corona has left an unforgettable impression on many of us, in terms of losing our very dear ones, fear of being unhealthy, losing our jobs, and facing financial crisis.

The Corona pandemic is more terrible for business communities when the peoples all around the world were facing lockdown but as all heard that this is a "blessing in disguise". So Corona has brought with itself lots of opportunities for online businesses. When people were in strict lockdown and had no way to go out to do shopping even for everyday needs like vegetables, meat, and even medicine.

In that scenario, the online availability of necessities has become a headache for all of us. In that time of lockdown, online shopping from smaller businesses through social media was a blessing for people. The social media shopping industry is growing much faster and rapidly in comparison to e-commerce. Experts say the social media commerce industry will grow huge rather than the e-commerce industry in the next four years.

This could help to play fairly between online giants and small business owners. However, consumers are now bored of shopping through a website.

In a survey of 10,000 social media users, 59% of people will consider online shopping through social media. Remember that survey was conducted around the globe.

These are very much positive rates for social media shopping retailers, the things are changing dramatically. Previously, only a small amount of brands were selling millions of people and now millions of people are selling through social media. In Corona, when millions of people lost their jobs, the indication to do the business through social media was very helpful to people because in social media business you don’t have to pay hefty amounts on your workplace rent and utility charges. This is the main reason for the success of the business through social media, in this type you can do business all alone you don’t need to pay a huge amount to your helpers and even in e-commerce, you have to build a website and have to pay website developers but in social media, you can start a business with minimum investment.

Shopping through social media smaller companies would help those people who need it very much in their difficult time.

Via: Accenture
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