Snapchat can let users know what they'd look like in the metaverse

Snapchat is famous for introducing its audience to new lenses and filters. Once again, the application has rolled out a new AR Avatar Lens. This lens has the ability to make someone look like the Sims version of themselves. However, the main reason why this lens is trending is because it can give an overview of what the metaverse version of the users will look like.

In order to use this feature, Snapchat users need to open their phone camera on the application and scan the QR code displayed on the application’s website. Once the scanning is completed, users can see their metaverse version. The most notable feature of this lens is that it removes acne as well as freckles from the face and gives incredibly smooth skin.

This type of lens is not a new thing that has been rolled out by Snapchat, but rather an updated version of the previous variants. When these lenses were introduced at the beginning, they started to trend like wildfire, especially on the famous short video platform, TikTok.

Last August, Snapchat released a lens that could make someone appear like a cartoon. Soon, it started to become a trend when users decided to use the lens on their pets, and as a result, the trend ended with almost 41 million views on TikTok. By the end of the year, the same lens was introduced once again, but with better results than the previous one.

The trend started to go viral again with the 3D version and got almost 3 billion impressions in the first 7 days. The latest Avatar version is not just restricted to the face but can even change the clothes to appear cartoonish.

At the beginning of December, an event was hosted by the application. At this event, the app revealed that lens creators are present in more than two hundred countries, and collectively, over 2.5 million lenses have been created so far. According to Snapchat, sixty-five percent of the Spotlight content is made with the help of these lenses.

The company believes that the metaverse will look better with AR instead of VR. Since AR can let users be themselves, However, some believe that augmented reality should not be a part of the meta because presenting only the best of themselves on online platforms could be dangerous.

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