HP Has Announced New Devices Lined Up For 2022 Releases, With Workstations And Monitors Being A Part Of The Ensemble

HP has announced a slew of devices aimed for launch in 2022, all of which are under its Z brand of tech gadgets. The repertoire includes a bunch of new workstations, as well as the introduction of new monitors.

First off, there’s the HP Zbook Firefly G9, which makes up some of the more mobile additions to the Z workstations. With the Firefly G9 coming in both 14-inch and 16-inch models, these models are actually taller than previous iterations of the workstation. However, they still maintain the same slim, portable quality that made them so efficient in the first place. The laptops will also have discrete audio amplifiers added into the mix, enabling clearer sound for making calls and viewing movies and videos. The workstations will come equipped with new Intel Core processors, along with NVIDIA T550 integrated graphics cards, and topping off this list of specs is a 64GB RAM. Honestly, it’s not like these are state of the art monsters that can run PS4 caliber games, and render extremely sophisticated 3D scenery or anything. Ultimately, the Firefly G9 is a workstation, and its job is to provide a smooth, lag-free, user experience. The specs that it holds are more than enough to provide any office worker an excellent workstation, with light portability to boot. The Firefly is expected to launch in March, 2022, with HP being reticent on pricing details just yet.

Next on our list of products, we have the HP Z2 Mini G9 workstation, which is being hailed as the most powerful mini station not only for the company itself, but across the world. So, what makes it so special? Well, first off, in order to accommodate for better supplementing technology, the workstation has been increased in size, but the changes are minute enough to still allow for a light, breezy PC. Measuring at 8.3 inches wide, 8.6 inches deep, and 2.7 inches tall, which is a far cry from the overbearing, weighty CPUs that one typically associates with desktops. Unlike the Firefly, this absolute unit is decked for 3D rendering, with a NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU and the new Intel vPro processors added into the mix. While the G9 isn’t really built to sustain any further modding, with the tiny desktop not exactly providing much space to cram in even a different graphics card, it’s still a powerful piece of machinery and a worthy addition to the Mini workstations. Much like the Firefly, this will also be released in March of 2022.

Finally, there’s the introduction of new monitors to the mix, with the HP Z40c and Z34c curved displays entering the fray. With the Z40c clocking in at an impressive 40-inch ultra-wide screen, decked with 525K resolution, watching literally anything on it would be a dream. The Z34c is definitely the more unimpressive model, with a 34-inch screen, and a lower WQHD resolution that, while still being a very useful model, can’t hold a candle to the Z40c.

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