Ransomware has massively increased in 2021 and a new report reveals some concerning insights about it

Ransomware has been a crucial thing since the time it began. Ransomware is a technique in which attackers hack companies' systems, steal their data and then threaten them to leak it. In return for the data the attackers ask for massive compensation money which the company has to pay to receive their data back.

While initially we did see ransomware attacks, the start of 2021 saw some massive rise in this practice. It was reported in a survey by Venafi that ransomware attacks increased by 250 percent in the first half of 2021. The fact that it increased so massively in the first half, it was expected that in the second half users will see a ransomware attack every eleven seconds.

Mostly big companies and organizations are attacked through this and considering this two thirds of the security decisions makers declared to label ransomware on the same level as terrorism on the offence chart.

A survey also concluded that 67 percent of organizations which had more than 500 employees faced a malware attack in the past year. The attack percentage went up to 80 percent of organizations which had employees in between 3500-5000. This clearly shows how ransomware attackers are specifically targeting large organizations and in return making some big money.

The ransomware report also showed that 1 in 10 companies who faced ransomware attack did pay the amount they were asked to while 22 percent of the companies said that they believed it was morally wrong to pay the amount no matter how crucial their data was. However, while people did pay the amount or thought of paying it, the survey showed that they could change their decisions back to negative if they were asked to report the payment publicly.

So you must be thinking that if companies did face such malwares, why do they not take actions or security measures against it. Well, they do, but the technology has become so advanced that the modern network infrastructure of ransomware surpasses the security controls the companies build. However, large companies and multinational systems are taking bigger steps to ensure that in the future they have a better security system which prevents their data from getting hacked.
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