More than 100 Real Estate Websites are in danger because of malicious script codes in the player of the cloud video platform

As we are diving into the deep sea of technology and AI, hackers are also adopting new ways to spy on people's data and important information such as passwords, email addresses, and credit card data. Now the new target of hackers is real estate sites. It has been identified that hackers brought a new technique to grab the information related to payment cards, phone numbers, etc. from the parties who visited the sites.

As per the information, it comes to know that these supply chain attacks start from January 2022. A cloud hosting video technique is used by a third party to crack down on the encryption and carry out all the personal information from that website. Script of these malicious videos known as skimmers or form-jackers. Now the question arises, how does it hack the websites? So, when a video is posted on the site, it gets attached to the malicious script codes injected by the hacking parties, which becomes the reason for information leakage.

Cyber attacks are so often in online payments. A black hat hacker practices the same skimmer attack technique and injects the codes, especially on the website's checkout pages and puts the data out, which he wants to. The same thing goes on different internet sites, but now the real estate ones are under pressure because big dealings occurred on these web pages. In 2019 amazon market gets targeted by hackers as well. But it comes to know that the researchers help out the sites to tackle this malware.

Unit42 reported that this chain of hackers made a huge success and hacked almost 100 property sites. It is notified that hackers attacked once. Through this attack, hundreds of sites got affected because the form-jackers stole a person’s sensitive information, which sent the info again to the main server, where the other malicious parties get ready for further attacks.

The CEO of the property domains warned their customers not to share any information with the third party because the site is not safe. The scammers easily prey on any customer by contacting them and asking for some deposits as security charges of property.

For prevention, a web owner must periodically check the web content otherwise, the skimmer is like a replicable bacteria that constantly evolves around the websites. When it is attached to it, it would be more harmful.

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