High Expectations from Marketing Technologies as we hit 2022

Marketing is an important strategy for any company to prosper in the real world. Because you need to have a really good marketing team and scheme to convey or showcase your products and services to the people. Without good marketing techniques, you won’t be able to get the attention of the desired audience and thus bring a negative impact on the image of the company.

As we’ve arrived into 2022, there are expectations and predictions being made about the marketing technologies as to what things would improve or what might happen in the digital world. We went around to figure out what is the most significant thing for any company with respect to marketing. Most of the answers were about privacy, which was followed by AI, Metaverse, web3, and ESG. Here are the top 7 predictions that were made for the marketing technologies in 2022:

1. Privacy

2. Story (Video/Audio)

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

4. Metaverse

5. Web3

6. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

7. Marketing Fortress


No one wants their private data to be available for everyone. The same thing applies to companies because when a person shares their data with an app or a website, that information is only for that particular company, and it is their responsibility to not let it leak or be misused by any other company. Breaches, unwanted data sharing of data with 2nd or 3rd parties is destroying the concept of privacy. Because people get suspicious when we suddenly start getting targeted ads which are so accurate that the theories about Facebook and Google listening to us via microphone seem true.

That is why it is better if companies try to come up with some new technologies such as mass personalization which is for the purpose of first party data. First party data is that which the user shares with the company itself. That is intended for that company to use to create a better experience for them. Another way is contextual targeting, which focuses more on privacy focused advertising.

It’s not that every company shares their users data with others, some companies find this information to be sacred and they don’t reveal it to others. Instead they follow the protocols and actually use this data to create a more personalized experience for its users.


The second prediction is about the Story and what kind of power comes with it. It belongs to that part of the content that would enable products and services to be sold over the internet. This means video, live videos, audio and podcasts would be an integral part of marketing technologies in 2022. You do not know what kind of power the story has, some might say it is unimaginable. Many brands are making the most out of this trend by having interactive sessions and live sales which are generating some serious revenue for them.

Since the arrival of home shopping, we are seeing a huge growth in the number of users at these e-commerce websites such as amazon. Jena Joyce, the CEO of Plant Mother said that “Brands that have introduced the live shopping feature have increased their sales to 3 times as to what it was before”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Marketing leaders see AI as a really great tool for digital Marketers to have up their sleeves as that would help them out a lot and provide them with a little relief, enabling them to be more productive. It also means that it would also help them to create a better experience for users and moreover provide data security. Personalization doesn’t really mean to have a user's information, but to utilize that information is such a way that the relationship between the company and user becomes stronger. It means that when the customers provide them their information, they expect the companies to know what the customer likes and dislikes based on the information provided by them. Hence AI would play an important role.


Metaverse has been one of the most hyped up platforms for people over the world. Everyone is excited to get their hands on Metaverse and predictions are that it would be a really important part of marketing technologies in 2022. Although many companies are still thinking if they are ready to expand themselves and start their marketing campaigns on Metaverse, that certainly doesn’t mean that others aren’t even considering it.

Nishant Patel, The CTO of ContentStack said that, “25% of our customers have started to think about ways to utilize the Metaverse and it's their responsibility to come up with captivating content and provide them with great experiences”.


Blockchains, crypto currency, NFTs, DAOs, you name it. These are the kind of technologies which are going to serve as digital currency sooner or later. It is said that 2022 might just be the year for all of these technologies to skyrocket and create a bigger impact than they already have, just like Bitcoins. Because people are seeing crypto as a reliable investment and are searching more and more about them, seeking experts' advice so that they stay ahead in the game. NFTs are also starting to gain attention of people all around the world, as many well known brands are now creating and selling NFTs such as Nike, Charmin, Taco Bell and Warner Music Group. They say it is a digital insurance of their assets.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG):

Businesses are striving to improve their ESG rankings, for the last 5 years we’ve seen that the demand from the consumer side has drastically increased and they want their brands to be socially aware. Since the arrival of the pandemic, we’ve seen a Spike in the graph. That is because of the trends like Black Lives Matter, #metoo and many others which show that these GenZ and millennials have a really high buying power.

Marketing Fortress:

As social media giants have launched online shopping features, they have become a kind of a marketing fortress, because people can now buy anything from anywhere whenever they want. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok have all created their own marketplace where people can find products that they can order. It is a big leap as you can now watch, socialize, and buy products from literally any website.

As technologies get better, platforms want first party data and thus if they are granted with whatever information they require, they would be able to perform better. Marketers who will focus on creating a better environment and experience for its users, would eventually win the race.

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