Instagram’s new status feature is coming in a few weeks and we can’t wait to see the public response

Instagram is one of the leading social networking apps; it is run by the Meta management. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012. Instagram has been getting its hype since its launch in 2012 but with Gen Z they have gotten extremely popular. The application has been gaining loyal followers since its start and has produced some exciting new updates.

Now at the start of 2022, Instagram gives a new feature to their users as a new year gift, the feature is "Set Status" previously Instagram had only the bio feature. In the bio, you can just introduce yourself, you can short description about your work, your contact information. The bio description had a limit of 150 words.

However now Instagram similar to "WhatsApp" status is introducing its own version. You can set status in Instagram as well. Remember one thing: Your Instagram status will only see that follower who you follow back to them as well. So, how does this status thing works? Well, it is not hard to understand.

You are going on vacations with alone or family, watching a movie, working in an office, busy with cooking, or even sometimes we are going through a rough phase of our life and we are not in the mood to talk with anyone so you can set the status to "no mood to talk to anyone" or "in the bad mood" as well additionally.

You can set text status with emoji under your profile name showing. This is very helpful with a professional profile like you are having an everyday cooking business but you are having flu and fever, so you can set a status under your profile name," we are on leave due to medical complications" it will be easy for you in this condition when your customer comes to your profile to place an order and see your status and you will escape answering everyone in the inbox.

As we have glimpsed that Instagram is appearing with a new surprise at the New Year, so we are hoping that Instagram parent company Meta is cooking something very special and unique for their users for all upcoming months, because it's just January.

The tech firm has brought about some great features in the past and we are sure the coming ones will be just as amazing. It has managed to gain quite a loyal audience who hold great expectations from it and we hope the tech firm comes off perfectly on all those expectations this year as well.

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