Apple Will Not Be Dabbling In A Metaverse-Like Experience With Its Upcoming VR Headset Anytime Soon

Apple has explicitly ruled out any plans that the company has about integrating a Metaverse-like world in its upcoming AR/VR headset.

The Metaverse is a concept that has been making splashes in the tech world for any number of reasons, with its massive scale and technological allure being a hotly discussed topic across forums as well as boardrooms. Honestly, the concept isn’t really all too new, but it’s scope and projected size is what seems to be attracting the most amount of attention. The Metaverse, for those individuals unaware, is social media giant Meta’s attempt at making a social media platform that doubles as a VR world, full of games as well as multiple ways in which users can interact. Think MMORPGs, but without the grinding and full of only side-quests. Further details on the project have been rather reticent, since it’s still in development, but we expect to see the Metaverse rolling out some time this year. Immediately, readers can question why Meta’s taking up such a project, and why it’s garnering such hype. After all, VR chatrooms and multi-player games aren’t exactly a very new concept; in fact, they’ve been around for years on end. However, with Meta owning Oculus, it’s primed to provide an experience that will be memorable in some form or another (i.e. incredibly successful, or a colossal belly-flop).

With all of this attention aimed towards the Metaverse, questions are popping up about how other VR headset developers and tech companies can look into developing their own versions of the social media concept. In general, AR and VR technology has seen a massive boost over the past few years, thanks in no short amount to platforms such as Snapchat making commodified versions of the technology accessible by all. So, naturally everyone assumes that everyone else would want a piece of the pie. However, this really doesn’t seem to be the case across the board; at least not where megacorporation and tech giant Apple is concerned. The iPhone developer has made it very clear that the Metaverse is a concept they have no current interest in dabbling in.
Apple’s been hard at work developing its own mixed-reality headset, which has led to queries regarding whether or not it will develop such a massive social media world. The answer, revealed via a recent Bloomberg newsletter, is resoundingly no. The company is currently intent on creating more personal experiences, with content viewing and gaming being the main focus, additionally supplemented by limited amounts of social communication. Apple isn’t the sort of company to start chasing trends and bandwagons, of course; why chase a bandwagon when you’re creating your own every other month or so?

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