Gmail Marks A Major Milestone By Hitting Over Ten Billion Downloads Across Android Devices

Gmail for Android has now surpassed ten billion downloads across mobile devices, adding another major landmark to the platform’s illustrious seventeen-year history.

Remember Hotmail? Well, I do, but I doubt most of our younger readers will. It was the main platform that any of us had in order to send emails, or even talk to each other online. It was rather commonly used, and I don’t think finding 30 year olds with currently active Hotmail accounts would be particularly remiss; it was a very popular platform, after all. Fast forward to 2004, and the beloved search engine Google had added something by the name of Gmail to its repertoire of products back then. Most individuals didn’t know of Google’s projects outside of Search at the time, and Gmail sounded like a rather novel idea for the company. It also really helped that, unlike Hotmail, Gmail had a very user-friendly, unintimidating, and clean interface, allowing users to both set up and use emails with ease. It was the first step that many kids from the 90’s and 2000’s took towards setting up a semblance of professional accounts.

Now, the year’s 2022, and Gmail is quite literally the definitive medium of formal, business-oriented online conversation. Even as social media platforms have developed and bloomed, offering netizens any number of methods for online conversation, Gmail has managed to retain its usefulness and relevancy. It also helps that Google sort of integrated all of its different platforms to run under a single Google account, which meant that signing up for services like Drive or Photos requires an individual to have a Gmail ID first. As of 2019, Gmail was at a massive userbase of 1.5 billion users, and has continued enjoying a massive amount of overall growth. It was the first ever app to hit a billion downloads on the Play Store for Android devices, and has crushed that milestone with this recent ten billion downloads achievement.

Gmail is more or less one of Google’s flagship products, along with Search, and there’s no knowing just how much further the platform will continue to keep climbing.

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